DeWALT DCB203-2 20V Compact XR Lithium Ion Battery, 2 Pack
The DeWALTDCB203-2 20V MAX compact XR lithium ion pack has an extended run-time battery and provides immediate feedback on state of charge with the 3-LED Fuel Gauge System.
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Catalog # Y9562
Manufacturer Part # DCB203-2
DeWALT DCE511B 11” Corded/Cordless Jobsite Fan
This DeWALTDCE511B fan offers the options you need on the jobsite. Add it to your 20V MAX system of tools, or run it by a cord. Stand it up, hang it, or mount it where you need. Plus, it offers variable speed control so you can set the power you want.
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Catalog # Y9564
Manufacturer Part # DCE511B
DeWALT DCF887B 20V XR 1/4” 3-Speed Impact Driver
The DeWALT DCF887B 20V MAX XR Brushless 1/4" 3-Speed Impact Driver is compact for fitting in tight spaces and increasing productivity. Three LED lights make it ideal for working in the dark.
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Catalog # Y9560
Manufacturer Part # DCF887B
DeWALT DCK287D2 20 Volt XR Lithium Ion Brushless Compact Hammerdrill and Impact Driver Combo Kit
The DCK287D2 20V MAX* XR Lithium Ion Brushless Compact Hammerdrill and Impact Driver Combo Kit has a powerful motor to deliver maximum runtime. Features a lightweight, compact design to fit in tight spaces. 3-mode LED light gives users visibility in dark spaces.
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Catalog # Y9559
Manufacturer Part # DCK287D2
DeWALT DCS367B 20V XR Brushless Compact Reciprocating Saw
The DeWALTDCS367B Compact Reciprocating Saw is a lightweight, compact saw designed to make cutting in between studs and in other tight spots easier. The brushless motor helps to provide up to 2.5x more run time to get the job done.
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Catalog # Y9561
Manufacturer Part # DCS367B
DeWALT DCV581H 18/20V Cordless/Corded Wet-Dry Vacuum
Includes: • 5' Heavy-Duty Crush Resistant Hose (1-1/4" Diameter)• Crevice Tool Attachment• Wide Nozzle Tool Attachment• FilterGore™ Wet/Dry HEPA Filter (DCV5801H)• Battery & Charger Sold Separately
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Catalog # Y9565
Manufacturer Part # DCV581H
Veto MB2 Tech Series Tool Pouch/Meter Bag
The MB2 is a taller version of the MB-Meter Bag and accommodates and protects taller meters, analyzers and repair tools. Features rugged construction, roomy pockets, interior cushioning, heavy duty zippers, and a detachable rubber handle.
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Catalog # Y8223
Manufacturer Part # MB2
Veto MB Tech Series Tool Pouch/Meter Bag
The MB is a clip-on meter bag designed to hold a small selection of tools and one or two meters. When not in use it can clip onto any model Veto bag's tape clip or D-Rings.
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Catalog # Y8222
Manufacturer Part # MB
Veto MC M Series Diagnostics Bag
MAXIMIZED TOOL STORAGE CAPACITY:• Vertical Tool Pockets: 20 interior and exterior• D-Rings: 2 large and 5 small• Meters and compact cordless drill/driver compartment
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Catalog # Y8221
Manufacturer Part # MC
Veto Tech-LC Tech Series ClosedTop Tool Bag
• Vertical Tool Pockets: 50 inside & 3 outside • Flat Zippered Pockets: 4 inside & 2 outside• Neoprene Pockets: 2• D-Rings: 4 large and 5 small• Exterior Electrical Tape Loop: 8" Fabric with Clip Closure• Stainless Steel Tape Clip: Yes
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Catalog # Y8220
Manufacturer Part # Tech-LC
Veto Tech Pac Tech Series Tool Backpack
• 56 interior and exterior tool pockets of various sizes• 2 Storage Bays- 4 Storage Platforms• Manifold Gauge and Hose Storage Pocket• D-Rings: 4 large and 5 small• Outside Mounted Stainless Steel Tape Clip Holder• Cable and Accessory Pockets
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Catalog # Y8219
Manufacturer Part # Tech Pac
Veto TP4 Tech Series Tool Pouch
MAXIMIZED TOOL STORAGE CAPACITY: Vertical Tool Pockets: 20 interior and exterior Includes 2 Vertical Long Shank Side Tool Pockets D-Rings: 2 small 8" Electrical Tape Strap
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Catalog # Y8218
Manufacturer Part # TP4
Catalog # Y9612
Manufacturer Part # BL2139IM
Catalog # Y9609
Manufacturer Part # BL2143IM
Catalog # Y9611
Manufacturer Part # BL2151IM
Catalog # Y9610
Manufacturer Part # BL2159IM
Catalog # Y9608
Manufacturer Part # BL9IM
Catalog # Y7821
Manufacturer Part # 1839080
Catalog # Y7820
Manufacturer Part # 1897607
Catalog # Y7904
Manufacturer Part # 55421BP-14
Catalog # Y7907
Manufacturer Part # 55431
Catalog # Y9935
Manufacturer Part # Tech-MCT